Capture the Flag



Capture The Flag is a variation of Team DM, in which each team has a "flag", which all the other teams try to capture.
It is recommended that players have played DM and are familiar with it before attempting to play Capture The Flag.

Each team is assigned an in-field target to act as their flag. This then becomes their "base". They must try to defend their flag from the enemy, while also trying to "capture" the enemy flag.

To capture the enemy flag, you must:

Zap the enemy flag (target) three times. This picks up the flag, and your battlesuit lights will lock-on to show that you are carrying the enemy flag.
Return to your base without being fragged.

Zap your flag three times. This will "capture" the enemy flag and you will be awarded 10 frags.
To stop an opponent who is carrying your flag, simply frag them! If you do, your flag will be automatically returned to base.

The mission variations CTF1, 2 and 3 correspond to DM1, 2 and 3 respectively. CTF4 is the same as CTF3, except that all players play at the same skill level (this is designed to be used for league play).


Mission TypeAvailable Powerups
CTF1 Nailgun, Rocket launcher, Armour, Supper Health
CTF2 Nailgun, Rocket launcher, Armour, Supper Health, Invisibility, Quad, Invulnerability
CTF3/4 Nailgun, Rocket launcher, Armour, Supper Health, Invisibility, Quad, Invulnerability, Haste, Reneration, Resistance, Strength

Notes: For a description of available items, refer to the Capture The Flag / DM Items Reference.

Provided your flag is "at base" (ie. no enemy is carrying it) you can obtain powerups by zapping your flag in the same way you would zap a neutral target.

If you have the enemy flag, you can only capture it if your flag is "at base". If the enemy has your flag, then it's a "stand-off" and your team must try to frag the enemy flag carrier, so your flag will be returned to base.

Your phaser light will flash when an enemy is carrying your flag. No powerups can be collected from that target until the flag has been returned.

Recommended length: 12 minutes.

Skill levels: Skill levels are determined by the player's standard skill level.

Frag opponents 1
Frag own team member/self -1
Capture flag 10 for self
2 for other team members