Players battle it out against their opponents, collecting as many powerups as possible to increase their battle strength.

Players begin with 100 health and a lowly shotgun. Each hit on an opponent will reduce their health. When their health reaches zero, they are deactivated for 10 seconds and lose any powerups they may have collected. It usually takes multiple hits to deactivate another player.

Each time you deactivate an opponent, you are awarded one frag. Players are ranked on the scores screen and the printouts by the number of frags they have achieved.

To increase your chances of survival, grab some powerups. Powerups randomly "respawn" at all the in-field targets, and can be collected by simply zapping the target twice. Once you have taken a powerup from a target, you cannot get another powerup at that same target until 20 seconds has elapsed. You can however, obtain powerups from other targets during this time.

For a full description of the available items, and what they do for you, refer to the Capture The Flag / DM Items Reference.

Some of the powerups you can get include more powerful weapons. The following table lists the weapon attributes.
Shotgun 20 Unlimited
Nailgun 25 30
Rocket Launcher 104 - 130 10
This mission has three variations: DM1, DM2 and DM3. The easiest variation, DM1, has only the lower level powerups. DM2 is intermediate difficulty, with over half of the powerups available. DM3 has all of the powerups available, and is recommended for experienced players. See the following table.
Runes are advanced powerups, and are only present in DM3. There are four runes, each with different powers. Once a player picks up a rune, they keep it until they are fragged (deactivated). Only one of each type of rune exists, so they may be difficult to obtain. The best way to get a rune is to frag an opponent who has one. In addition to the frag, you will also be awarded the rune that they had. Players can only hold a single rune at a time (you cannot pick up a rune if you already have one). See the reference sheet for a list of the runes and their powers.

Notes: There are three variations of this mission: individual, team and partners. The variation determines whether there are teams, and if so, how many.

All players can obtain powerups at all in-field targets.
If you have taken damage you can slowly heal back to full health over time, as long as you are not shooting. Your battlesuit will make a 'blip' as you are healed.

Players who are being missile-locked do not receive a missile warning tone.
A player can pick-up any number of powerups, however there is a maximum limit of 100 points of Armour, 250 Health and 1 Rune.

A player can determine which powerup is at an in-field target by zapping it once and then pausing briefly, at which stage their battlesuit will announce which powerup is "available" at that target. A further single shot will then pick up that powerup.

A missed rocket counts as a near miss, and does "splash" damage to the target, roughly equal to half of a normal rocket.
Down players can be repeatedly zapped while down. However, this does not score a frag, and they are only deactivated for 4 seconds. There is a limit on the number of times this can be done.

If you have less than 100 health, your battlesuit lights will become dimmed. The less health you have, the more the lights are dimmed. You can use this to gauge your health.

Zapping players on your own team does damage to you! You can frag yourself in this way if you are not careful.
Warbots are not active.

Recommended length: 10 minutes.

Skill levels: Skill levels are determined by the player's standard skill level.

Frag opponent 1
Frag own team member/self -1