Incarcerated in a futuristic prison, the players have been collared with an explosive neck collar. Their collar is electronically tied to the collar of one of their fellow prisoners, only... they don't know who.

Players start the mission as individuals. When the mission begins, the players are automatically paired up by the system in a random fashion. Your aims in this mission are: find your wedlock partner, defuse your collars and break the wedlock before the timer runs out.

While two players are wedlocked, what happens to one, happens to both. This means that if one player gets rapid fire, both players get rapid fire... if one player is deactivated, both players are deactivated.

To achieve rapid fire, just deactivate two opponents in a row without being deactivated yourself. To achieve invulnerability, you must deactivate five opponents in a row. Remember, when you achieve rapid fire or invulnerability, your partner gains this special ability also. This can help you to identify who your partner is.
As you deactivate opponents, you build up special points. These special points can be used to activate the following special abilities:
AbilityCost (Combined SP)Effect
Payback 5 You (and your partner are instantly reactivated
Missile 3 Bonus points and special points are awarded
Nuke 15 All other players (except your partner) are deactivated
Break wedlock 25 Your collars are defused and the wedlock is brocken
Destroy in-field target 801 3
Before you can break the wedlock, you and your partner must have a combined total of at least 25 special points. Your battlesuit will announce "Special Available" when you have enough. To break the wedlock, both you and your partner must be up, and you must both hold in your triggers at exactly the same time. If you are successful, your battlesuit will say "Special Activated", and the wedlock will be broken.
Once the wedlock is broken, you retain the advantages of your wedlock, but lose the disadvantages. For example, you still get special abilities when your partner does, but do not go down when your partner is deactivated.

Notes: Players have access to their partner's special points as well as their own.

The Warbot will look at all passing players. If you are not doing well, the Warbot may give you bonus special points. However, if you are doing well, then the Warbot may simply zap you.

Recommended length: 10 minutes.
Skill levels: All players play at the same skill level.

EventScoreSpecial Points
Zap opponent 100 1
Zap wedlock partner -50 -
Missile opponent 500 2
Missile wedlock partner -250 -
Destroy in-field target 801 3