Trapped in a time vortex, players struggle to command the flow of time itself, halting or reversing it, determined to stretch their meagre ration of time and make it last as long as possible.

Each player starts with a limited amount of time. If this time expires, the player is eliminated from the mission. Players can gain additional time by zapping opponents, destroying the in-field targets and using special abilities.

The special abilities available are:

Time-boost: All the player's special points are converted into extra time. To use, hold the trigger in while up. Each special point is converted to one extra second of time; special points are then reset to zero.

Time-freeze: When down, the player's time is frozen until they are reactivated. To use, hold the trigger in while down. Special points are deducted at a rate of one every two seconds while this ability is in effect. Time reverts to normal when the player reactivates or when special points are exhausted.
Time-drain: Time is drained from a targeted opponent and transferred to the player. To use, target an opponent and hold the lock until the missile lock tone begins. For each second of missile lock on an opponent, four seconds of time is drained and transferred to the player. This continues until the lock is broken or all the opponent's time is drained.

Time warp: Time is drained from all opponents and transferred to the player. To use, accumulate more than 15 special points and hold the trigger in while up. When activated, 15 special points are deducted immediately, and then one special point for every two seconds that the effect lasts. For each second a time warp is in effect, all opponents lose one second of time, while the activating player gains two seconds. The time warp ends when the activating player is either deactivated or exhausts their special points.

Notes: There are three variations of this mission: individual, team and partners. The variation determines whether there are teams, and if so, how many. In the individual and partners variations, all in-field targets are neutral, while in the team variation; in-field targets may be friendly, enemy or neutral depending on their colour.

f a player has both a time-boost and a time warp available, the time warp has priority and so holding the trigger in while up will cause the time warp to be activated.
When using a time warp, the activating player's battlesuit will sound a medium pitch beeping sound every few seconds until the effect ends. During this time, the battlesuit's visible lights will remain steady (not flashing) and the player's phaser will be unable to fire.
When a player has a time warp in effect, all opponents receive a low-pitched beeping sound every few seconds. This is a signal that their time is being drained by the time warp. To stop this, they should attempt to seek out and deactivate the player using the time warp.
The mission will automatically end when the maximum time limit has expired or only one player (or team) remains.
All players are deactivated by a single shot from an opponent.
Warbots are not active.
Recommended length: 10 minutes.
Skill levels: The amount of time each player begins with and gains with each hit depend on that player's standard skill level.
LevelStarting Time (% of max)Zap Opponent
1 Recruit 50% 10 + 0.1 x level diff.
2 Gunner 45% 9 + 0.1 x level diff.
3 Trooper 40% 8 + 0.1 x level diff.
4 Captain 35% 7 + 0.1 x level diff.
5 Starlord 30% 6 + 0.1 x level diff.
6 Lasermaster 25% 5 + 0.1 x level diff.
EventScoreSpecial PointsNotes
Zap opponent 100 + 10 x level diff. 1 -
Zap own team -50 - -
Missile opponent 500 + 100 x level diff. 2 -
Missile own team -250 - -
Destroy in-field target 8001 (indiv/part)
1001 (team)
5 +20 or +30 secs