This mission is a test of a player's stealth and subterfuge. You need to be able to sneak up on your opponents without being seen or heard.

Players can be in one of two modes of play, either "shot mode" or "missile mode". When a player is in shot mode, they can fire shots or missiles. The player's visible lights will flash dimly and they can be locked onto normally.

When a player is in missile mode, the player can ONLY fire missiles, however the player's missiles lock-on faster than the missiles of a player in Shot mode. The player's visible lights will be off and other players will be unable to obtain a normal lock-on tone to the player, but will be able to obtain a missile lock-on tone.

Players can change between modes at will after the start of the mission by holding in their trigger. This can be done while the player is up or down.

A player who becomes missile-locked will have their visible lights brighten to full intensity. The lights will gradually fade back to their normal state.

Notes: There are three variations of this mission: individual, team and partners. The variation determines whether there are teams, and if so, how many. In the individual and partners variations, all in-field targets are neutral, while in the team variation; in-field targets may be friendly, enemy or neutral depending on their colour.
A player who is zapping an in-field target will have their lights brighten to full intensity.
A single shot or missile will deactivate an opponent.
A player deactivated by a shot remains deactivated for less time than a player deactivated by a missile.
Players on skill levels 1-3 automatically revert to shot mode when they are deactivated. Players on levels 4-6 remain in whatever mode they were in.

The Warbot will activate randomly throughout the mission. If a player can zap the Warbot while it is activated, the Warbot will help the player by brightening the visible lights of all of the player's opponents for a period of time.

Recommended length: 10 minutes.
Skill levels: The length of time a player's visible lights remain brightened by a missile-lock depends on that player's standard skill level.

Zap opponent 100 + 5 x level diff.
Zap own team -50
Missile opponent 500 + 20 x level diff.
Missile own team -250
Destroy in-field target 801