Cast your mind back into the depths of time. The year was 1984 and the world was introduced to lasertag for the first time. Photon was born. It was the first lasertag, and even though it is no longer with us today, some still consider it the best. Now, using the wonders of Laserforce technology, you can play it for yourself and make up your own mind!

This mission type emulates the classic Photon 'maneuver'. The rules are simple:

The shot speed is very slow (about one shot per second).
There is no lock-on tone.
Zap opponents once to deactivate them.
You can be zapped at all times, however you are only deactivated if you are zapped while you are up.
The deactivation time is five seconds.
There is a delay between when you zap an opponent and when they are deactivated (about 0.5 seconds).
You can only zap the same player three times in a row before you must 'clear' your phaser by zapping someone/something else.
Zap the neutral/enemy in-field targets three times in a row to destroy them and gain bonus points.
Notes: There are three variations of this mission: individual, team and partners. The variation determines whether there are teams, and if so, how many. In the individual and partners variations, all in-field targets are neutral, while in the team variation; in-field targets may be friendly, enemy or neutral depending on their colour.

Warbots are not active (they weren't invented back in '84).

Recommended length: 7.5 minutes.
Skill levels: All players play at the same level.
Zap opponent 10
Zap own team -30
Get zapped -10
Destroy enemy in-field target 201
Destroy neutral in-field target 50