This is a standard Laserforce mission, similar to the Team mission, but allowing up to seven different teams. Typically there are two players to a team, although this is not a requirement. Play is identical to that of the Team mission with the following exceptions:

Any battlesuit colour can be on any team. However, having each player on a team use the same colour can ease team identification and reduce friendly fire casualties.

All in-field targets are considered neutral, and as such can be destroyed by all players.

All Warbots are considered neutral, and will attempt to zap all players.

Recommended length: 7.5 minutes.
Skill Levels: The standard six skill levels are implemented. See separate skill levels listing for a detailed list of skill levels.
EventScoreSpecial Points
Zap opponent 100 + 10 x level diff. 1
Zap own team -50 -
Zap Warbot 50 -
Missile opponent 500 + 100 x level diff. 2
Missile own team -250 -
Destroy in-field target 801 5
Detonate nuke 500 -
Take control of warbot 500 -